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MEGACITIES…read more

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· Commercial capital of India
· Provides 33% of India's entire revenue
· 40% of international flights land in Mumbai
· The centre of India's film industry, Bollywood produces
more films than Hollywood and is based in Mumbai
· Globalisation has provided Mumbai with international
banks, world-class restaurants, smart cars and the
headquarters of new Indian TNCs that are now taking over
their European and American rivals
· Rents in the most exclusive parts of the city are higher than
in London and New York…read more

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Rapid growth
· Growing quickly because of rural-urban migration
· Experiencing hyper-urbanisation because of its status
· The world's largest shanty town, Dharavi is in Mumbai
· Many rural-urban migrants end up in Dharavi as slum
· This is due to the city being overpopulated and more
expensive than imagined…read more

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World's largest shanty town
· Open sewers, poor sanitation
· Newer slums have roads and buildings
· 2 hours of water per day (shared between 12 households)
· 500 people per 1 public toilet
· 4000 cases a day of illness due to contaminated water
(diphtheria, typhoid and TB)
· 85% of people work in the slum
· Self-made millionaire still decides to live in slum (produces
700-800 suitcase handles per day…read more

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Rapid growth
· Grew because of the arrival of the railway in 1876
· Oil was discovered - led to opening of Ford car plant and other
manufacturing industries
· Good weather for civil and military test flights and production
sites so the aircraft industry thrived
· 1920s-1930s the film industry was developed in Hollywood
· Fastest growing city in the USA by the 1970s
· By 2000 14m+ people lived in the Metropolitan district
· Average population density of 3000 per km2 and a growth rate of
1% per annum
· Fastest growing areas of 6% pa are in east of metropolis…read more

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Problems facing LA
· Suburban sprawl - this leads to:
Congested freeways
Air pollution
Loss of farmland
Decline of central LA
· Other problems:
Housing shortages
Colossal energy use
Strain on education and health care services…read more





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