Khrushchev Ruler of Russia Overview

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Rule: 1956-1964

Khrushchev faced the problems left over from Stalin’s rule, yet he championed Leninism and discredited Stalin as a great leader opting for a reform back to true Communism as implemented by Lenin.





 Rise to Power

-The country was initially run by Malenkov, Beria, and Molotov but Khrushchev was elected First Secretary of the Party in September of 1953.
-He still needed to reform the party, and needed to ensure that the Stalinists could not come back to power. This was the reason for both the 1956 "Secret Speech" where he denounced Stalin and the terror of his regime, and for Molotov's removal from office in 1956 - he was removed from the Presidium (the enlarged and renamed Politburo) in 1957.



Cold War

-Cuban Missile crisis showed Russian power, coincided with the end of WW2 and the start of the Cold War as well as the Space Race

-It established Russia as an international power.



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