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If there is a question, that is possible to split in social, political and economic sections then thank the lord! May include changes made, reasons for change, reluctant to make etc:


  • Education. Emphaisis under all rulers to improve education, as a better workforce meant  a more educated work force. Under the zemstva more primary schools were created, but under tolstoy control of education was almost purely reversed back to the Ministry of Education, with clamp downs on 'liberal' curriculum and universities. Stalin raised the school leaving age to 12 in 1936 and by 1930, 18 million Russian children attended primary schools, and in 1939, Stalin scrapped school fees. Khrushchev also placed emphasis on creating an educated workforce, but took a very Marxist stance on religion, and so closed nearly all religious schools in the USSR. Aims or reasons? To create a more industrialised society, each leader recognised they needed an educated workforce, and also to catch up with the West.
  • Social Structure. Biggest change to this was likely when the Bolsheviks came to power and there was almost a flp in the heirachy of society. Being part of the bourgieousie became dangeroud and they were often persecuted. Similarly while the clergy…


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