Key Definitions for Application of Forces

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Key Definitions for Application of Forces

Footfall - The action of the foot making contact with the ground when walking, running or jumping.

Negative impulse - A force generated when absorbing body motion - landing.

Positive impulse - An impulse that moves the body.

Angular velocity - The rate of movement in rotation.

Angular acceleration - The rate of change of velocity during anglar movement.

Angular momentum - the amount of motion that the body has during rotation -                                     Anglar Velocity x Moment of Inertia

Moment of inertia - The resistance of a body to a change of state when rotating.

Angular - A word used to describe the motion of a mass when it is rotating or spinning.

Moment - The turning effect produce by a force, measured in Newtonmetres (Nm); also known a torque.

Moment arm - The perpendicular distance from  the point of…


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