Karl Marx (1818-1885)

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  • Founder of sociology
  • Looks at exploitative nature of industrial capitalism
  • "Spiritual father of communism"
  • Wrote the "Philosiphical Manuscripts" (1844)

Historical Context

  • Rapid industrialisation
  • Brutal "untammed" capitalism in Western Europe
  • Development of technology and science
  • Formation and unionisation of the industrial labour class

Influences on Marx

  • Georg Hegel (1770-1831) was a German philosopher
  • Understood things in terms of wider web of relationships
  • Humans physical needs are the causal forces in human history- Humanistic approach that Marx adapted
  • Classical Political Economy of the 18th Century
  • Emergence of the "commercial civilisation"
  • "Invisible hand" of the market- Not interffered with by the state

Main Ideas


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