Karl Marx (1818-1885)

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  • Karl Marx (1818-1885)
    • Intro
      • Founder of sociology
      • Looks at exploitative nature of capitalism
      • "Spiritual father of communism"
      • Wrote the "Philosophical Manuscripts" (1844)
    • Historical Context
      • Georg Hegel
        • German philosopher
        • Understood things in terms of wider web of relationships
        • Humans physical needs are the causal forces in human history
          • Humanistic approach that Marx adapted
      • Classical Political Economy of the 18th Century
        • Emergence of the "commercial civilisation"
        • "Invisible hand" of the market- not interfered with by the state
    • Main Ideas
      • Materialist interpretation society and the forces channelling individual actions
        • Material conditions of how we think and feel
      • Human nature which realises itself through creative fulfilment or human potential through productive work/labour
      • If the ability to produce labour is taken away, we cannot fulfil our potential and we become alienated
        • Workers sink to the level of their commodity= their labour
      • Enstrangement= seperate, "cut off"
      • Alienation= A state of disruption having lost control of labour
        • 4 types f alienation: Product, Production, Themselves, Other workers
    • Quotes- Marx (1844)
      • "Product of labour= Alien being, as a power independent of the producer"
      • "Objectification of labour and loss of reality of the worker"
      • Worker "looses reality to the point of starvation"
    • Critisisms
      • Marx work only applies to working class, white men
      • Only focuses on Western European economy


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