Journeys End Act 1- Answered questions

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  • The purpose of Osborne's arrival in the dug-ot is so we can learn about the main character Stanhope, quickly and easily. Also to teach us about trench life and the other men.


  • The audience have the impression that Hardy is a character who does seem to care about the other men, we can see this when he hurries off to avoid Stanhope because he hasn't cleaned the trenches. Also we see he has little understanding of peoples feelings when he is blunt about Stanhopes drinking and laughs at him. However that he does have a sense of humour which arguably helps him to cope with trench life.


  • From there conversation we learn about the horrors of war, such as the millions of rats and how they would chew through boots and bite toes off if you allowed your feet to hang over the bed. Also about Stanhopes drinking, the big attack which is expect when the company are on duty.


  • Two examples of Hardy's sense of humour are:
  • 'minnies- and those horrid little things like pineapples-you know' he makes a joke out of a bad situation. 

'Guaranteed to keep the feet dry. Trouble is, it gets wet doing it' Again using humour as a coping method during the war.

  • In Hardy's opinion Stanhope is a drunkard, who is acting like a fool. He remembers a times when Stanhope would so drunk the men would cheer him on and use him for entertainment.


  • Osborne stuck up for Stanhope and was outraged my Hardy's opinion, Osborne told Hardy Stanhope is the best company commander we have ever had.


  • Hardy believes Osborne should be company commander because he is older than Stanhope and a lot more level-headed than Stanhope.


  • What shows the audience that raleigh is very young and inexperienced? 

'I only left school at the end of last summer'

(hastily) (laughs nervously) (self-consciously)

' a bit bewildered'

  • Osborne tries to make Raleigh feel at home by:

' You'll find the other officers call me 'uncle'- helps Raleigh to relax in his company.

'I should take your pack off'- helping him when he's nervous




thanks very much, found this information very helpful in my revision

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A helpful guide to Act 1, contains some important quotes for revision.



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