IT revision, pages 58-64 (Text book)


IT revision

Online services:

The features and implications of using online services:


Online services now allow us to purchase nearly anything over the internet. Not only this but it gives us greater flexibility with the ability to shop at anytime, anywhere in contrast to everyday shops where there are opening and closing times. However, this does mean it is easier for people to gain access and purchase items which aren't regulated by the government such as unlicensed medication and pirated products. There is also a greater risk to users buying online with the potential of hackers stealing personal information and the greater probability that people will not receive their goods after paying.

Financial services:

These can include advice and services for mortgages, investments, banking, debt, and loans. The UK's financial services are regulated by the FCA and PRA however with the use of online services it makes it harder to regulate and ensure security when using online features. 

Education and training:

Online services allow us to search for courses, career guidance, and training providers to study with. We are also able to research nearly anything in relation to what we're studying however it is becoming more common that sources are unreliable and therefore the information is false.

News and information:

It is easy to access news and information from various websites and sources. Nearly all newspapers have online versions. This does allow people to enhance their knowledge and has an understanding of news, however, online services are now producing news which is unreliable and sometimes irrelevant. Also, due to the ease of access onto social media and other news websites, it is much easier for people to post content quickly. This can have negative and positive effects like it is harder to know whether the news is reliable.

Entertainment and leisure:

It is much easier for people to stream films, music, and television online with legal and illegal streaming websites such as Netflix and putlocker. The use of streaming online makes it much easier for us to watch what we want when we want however streaming content online can be dangerous for young people in particular because of inappropriate content. However, there are ways in which people can make streaming and browsing online more secure through such as AdBlockers, password restrictions and setting up various settings on the network which blocks certain websites. 


There are various ways in which online services allow us to be more productive at home and whilst working. With the use of cloud storage, it makes it easy for workers to access work on the go and at home, increasing productivity and encouraging flexible working and teleworking. However, online services can cause disruptions to working patterns while working such as social media sites which can decrease productivity whilst working. Some businesses, to prevent this, will have punishments for people who do this to ensure maximum productivity.

Booking systems:

People can now book various things online such as train tickets, cinema and plane tickets. We…


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