Pages 21-25 (textbook revision)


Pages 21-25 (text book)

Emerging technologies:

Technologies are ever evolving, our smart phones which are used now has more computer processing capacity and software than the best technology ever made used in the 1900's.

The concepts and implications of how emerging technologies affect the performance of IT systems:

Emerging technologies can often put a strain on the performance of IT systems due to demands being increased on current systems. This, therefore, affects the day to day living of people and whether they can complete tasks. If new technology is being released constantly which improve on the devices and software we have now it will affect performance and ability to always have the best tech, making it difficult for businesses and people. This can also make it very difficult for network providers as they will have to plan ahead and expand the capacity of their networks in order to adapt to new technology and keep consumers happy. e.g VOIP has increased traffic and therefore are prioritised.

Considerations include:

  • Technology is always expected to be on
  • Exponential growth of data collection and the necessary processing and analysis of data
  • Raw materials needed to manufacture IT equipment 
  • Environment needed to run electronic devices
  • Infrastructure required for implementing and maintaining telecommunications and networks
  • Cost of emerging technologies
  • Pressure on individuals to become early adopters

Early adopters = An individual who feels compelled to obtain the latest products and tech as soon as they become available.

Implications of emerging technologies on the personal use of IT systems:

The internet has affected our day to day lives massively:

  • Education - now have the ability to research and access resources online through the internet
  • Social - the internet can be used as a communication medium, and therefore used to talk to anyone, anywhere through the likes of social media, IM and email.
  • Accessibility - can now store files online making them easy to access and edit
  • Convenience - The internet can now be used as a way of purchasing products and getting them home delivered, making it more convenient for audiences in rural areas to purchase the products they want.
  • Entertainment - Access TV programmes, films and music

Worldwide Web - aka the 'web', a method of accessing information over the internet. 

Internet - Networking infrastructure which enables communication and access to information between internet-enabled digital devices with potentially infinite range.

Implications of emerging technologies on the use of IT systems in organisations:

Technology and emerging technology can be both positive and negative for businesses:


  • Allows businesses to source products/supplies from across the globe
  • Market their products globally 
  • Use emerging technology for specific, more skilled tasks which humans may be unable to do
  • Increase productivity 


  • Short term cost may be high
  • May require maintenance and updating 
  • Security risks
  • How fast will new, better technology be released?

Choosing IT systems:

Choosing an IT system will predominantly be based on what the user/company wants to get out of it. For example, if larger, national businesses…


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