Interventionists vs Neutralists attitudes to WW1


When the decision was being made of whether Italy should enter world war one, there were two sides to the argument. The interventionists, who believed that Italy should enter the war, and the neutralists who believed that Italy should remain neutral.

Nationalists believed that Italy entering the war in 1915 would establish Italy as a great power and discard any feelings of inferiority they currently had. They wanted to rival the great powers of Europe in terms of an empire. In the treaty of London 1915, Italy was promised colonies in return for entering the war on the side of the triple entente. As well as this they were also promised the Irredenta lands, something that had always been a major goal for the country. 

The extreme left in Italy was supportive of intervening in the war (syndicalists, republicans and anarchists) as they hoped it would create suitable circumstances for a revolution, which would give them the opportunity to overthrow the monarchy and destroy capitalism in Italy. 

Some Italian ministers believed


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