Influence of individual differences on independant behaviour and social change

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Influence of individual differences on independent behaviour

  • Locus of control

    • This is the perception of control someone has over their own behaviour

    • High internal – perceive themselves to have a lot of control over their own behaviour

      Less likely to conform

    • High External – Behaviour is controlled/caused by external influences e.g. luck

      More likely to conform

    • Support for Locus of Control from Atgis, 1998, who did a meta-analysis of research on locus of control and conformity. He found that a higher external locus of control made people more likely to conform

    • Evidence against comes from Williams and Warchal, 1981, with 30 students who they gave Asch's experimental paradigm then used Rotter's Locus of Control. They found those with a high conformity rate scored the same on locus of control but got a lower score on assertiveness

      This shows the link between locus of control and independent behaviour is unclear

  • Personal Experience or Personality

    • As well as locus of control personality or personal experience


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