Impact of Radical Reformers Themselves


Impact of Radical Reformers Themselves 

The Impact of Thomas Paine and The Rights of Man 

  • Wrote the Rights of Man in 1791 
  • Reached a wide audience in Britain and France as it was easy to understand, sold 200,000 copies in its first two years 
  • 1792 however government issued proclomation against the book under seditious writings act 
  • Paine fled to France in 1792, reducing his influence 
  • Failed to stir the masses, no revolution took place due to Napoleonic Wars from 1795 to 1815 

John Cartwright and the Hampden Clubs 

  • In 1812 major John Cartwright formed Hampden Club in london and called for universal suffrage 
  • From 1816 encouraged regional clubs, sprang up all over the country 
  • Meeting in 1817, set out aims of annual parliaments and universal suffrage,


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