Impact of the French revolution of Britian and Pitt's policies

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  • Impact of French revolution on British and Pitt's policies
    • Reactions to early revolution
      • reactions were mixed
        • Whig leader Charles James |Fox saw France taking the British route to a constitutional monarchy
        • Political radicals thought France was reforming so people could participate in politics
        • Pitt was more concerned with domestic reforms
        • French King was unpopular with George III so not much sympathy for him
      • Pitt hoped a new French government might cooperate over trade
        • Violence of mobs in Paris
          • Was worrying some in Britain by 1790
    • Radical ideas
      • Political awareness grew
      • 'Church and king groups' attacked supporters of reform
        • these were loyal to the old parliamentary system
      • 'Rights of man' By Thomas Payne
        • Most successful publication for pro-reform
      • Political life had become dangerously divided
    • What were their aims
      • Their aims were not unfirom
      • Some wanted all adult males to be entitled to vote
        • Some gave priority to increasing religious toleration
      • Some wanted to end the slave trade altogether
      • All wanted a degree of parliamentary reform
    • Radical groups formed
      • Sympathetic to events in France
        • Formed societies to gain recruits for radical cause
      • London corresponding society in 1792
        • Members were highly politically aware
          • Skilled workers
      • Society for constitutional information in 1780
        • originally intended to oppose Lord North
          • Published pro-reform pamphlets
      • Whig Politian's favoured parliamentary reform
        • The society of the Friends of the people
          • Set up In 1972
          • Fox and Charles Grey were members
          • Supported by large numbers of people
    • Political life divided
      • Execution of Louis XVI
        • Brought together a number of elements:
      • Fears of popular unrest leading to revolution at home
      • Fears of France dominating the coastline facing Britain




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