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Input devices include:


·         Keyboard – standard QWERTY

·         Concept keyboard – using symbols instead of standard keys e.g. in McDonalds with a picture of a burger

·         Mouse

·         Tracker ball

·         Touch pad – as found on most laptops

·         Joystick or games controller

·         Scanner

·         Touch sensitive graphics pad

·         Digital camera

·         Light pen

·         Video digitiser

·         Touch sensitive screen

·         Microphone

·         Sensors


These are standard devices to input data to the computer.


There are also other devices used for graphics and sound.  A scanner, a graphics digitiser, a digital camera, a digital video camera or a microphone.  In fact, these type of devices are changing all the time.  Your mobile phone can probably do most of these things!


Finally, consider specialised input devices.  These are often used in shops, or even in your school.  A touch-sensitive key board, a touch-sensitive screen, a light pen, sensors, card readers, optical mark readers and magnetic ink character readers.


Once data is inputted, the computer


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