Hyponsis- Essay Plan

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Hypnosis is suggested to be an altered state of consciousness, where one person leads another into a different state of mind.

It's not always nescessacy to swing a watch in front of someone's face to induce hypnosis

It's only possible to hypnosis someone who  wants to be hypnosised, it's not possible for everyone, you must have a certain level of susceptilibity. Furthermore it's impossible to hynosis someone if they do not want to be.

Post-Hypnotic Suggestibility: The subject will continue acts after leaving the hypnotic state

2 main theories on explaining hypnosis, state theories, neo-dissociation and non-state theories, set response theory/social expectancy.

Paragraph 1: State Theories

The state theory (Hilgard) believed when a person is under hypnosis the hypnotist gains access to…


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