Human lifespan and development Unit 1 (level 3)


A1: Physical development across the life stages

Growth and sevelopment will continue throughout an individuals life. However during things like puberty it may not always be smooth and steady, for example you have growth spurts and you will develop a lot of sexual characteristics.

Life stages and the key features of frowth and development:

  • Birth and Infancy (0-2yrs) - By the time an infant is 2 years old they will have frown to roughly half their adult height. At one year old they will be able to walk and by the time they are 2 they will be able to run.
  • Early childhood(3-8yrs) - They will continue developing their strength and coordination and will continue growth at a steady pace.
  • Adolescence(9-18yrs) - By this age they will start to have growth spurts and they will develop their sexual characteristics.
  • Early adulthood(19-45yrs) - By now an individual will have reached the peak of their physical fitness.
  • Middle adulthood(46-65yrs) - This is when the ageing process starts to take place and people this age will also start to loose some of their strength and stamina. Women will also start to go through the menopause.
  • Later adulthood(65+yrs) - Once an individual reaches this lifestage they will begin to have some loss of mobility and will also loose a few centimetres of their height

Principles of growth:

Growth is an increace in any


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