How did Hitler achieve his aims 1933-1935

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Hitlers aims 1933-1935

  • To abolish the treaty of versailles
  • To create a dictatorship - by uniting all German speaking people
  • Rearmament
  • Lebensraum (living space)

To do this Hitler had to be prepared to get past the league of nations as many of his aims break the treaty of versaille.

Reversal of the treaty of versailles

Hitler and most Germans had never accepted the treaty. He wanted to restore German pride and gained lands lost in 1919 and build up German armed forces.

Unite all German speaking people

Hitler wanted to create greater Germany with all German speaking people in one homeland. unfortunately this was denied by the league of nations (self determination)


Greater Germany would have a population of 85 millon therefore Hitler would have to invade east into Polland or west into the USSR because Hitler hated these countries.

Hitler thought that breaking the treaty of Versailles was most important out of all of these as it gained Germany freedom and pride (nationalism).


Disarmament conference 1933- Hitler asks the other countries to disarm to the same level as Germany. This would mean no air force, only six battleships and 100000 men in their armies. He knows that they will never agree but wants to show he wants peace.

1933- Hitler announces that german's peacetime army is to be increased to 300000 men. A new air ministry has been set up to train pilots and build aircraft.Militry barracks and buildings were built.

For two years the German army expanded in secret.

March 1935- German rearmament was made public. Europe learned that Germany had 2500 war planes in its luftwaffe and an army of 300000 men. Hitler also felt confident enough to announce there would be military conscription ( increase the army to 550000 men)

How did Britain and France react?

  • Essentailly Britain and France did nothing
  • Britian was recovering from the great depression , devastated economy, and could not afford a conflict.
  • The french prefferd a defensive poilicy- spent time on building the maginot line along the German french border.
  • The most Britian France and italy did was build the stressa front in 1933 that issued a protest but did nothing else.

In 1935 the anglo-German naval agreeement was signed. This allowed germany one tonnage of the Britsh navys surface fleet and an equal tonnage of submarines.

Hitler regains control of the saar.

  • The treaty of Versailles had put the league of nations in control of the Saar for 15 years.
  • The Saar was an impotant coal mining area
  • In January 1935


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