Higher english formulas!

Formulas for higher english close reading! 

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Understanding questions (U) Formulas

1-Use your own words!

2-Have answers concise and to the point!

3- make sure you are looking at all marks on offer!

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Word Choice Questions (A)

NOTE- You will get no marks for just picking out the words! You must say why you have picked them out.


1- Choose words

2- Write what the word really means & then write its connotations.

3- Then write why that word is better to use in that context!

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Imagery Questions (A) and/or (E)

1- Identify what the imagery is. (what is being compared to what?)

2- Explain the meaning of it!

3- Explain the connection. (This suggests that.....)

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Context Question

1. Give the meaning of the word. 

2. Quote a word or phrase from the context. 

3. Explain how this word/phrase helps you understand the meaning of the 

original word.

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Linking Sentence Question

1. Quote the words that link back to the previous paragraph. 

2. Explain what the argument in that paragraph is. 

3. Quote the words that move the argument forward. 

4. Explain what the author is now talking about.

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Sentence Structure Question

1. What type of sentence(s) is/are being used? 

- Statement, Question/rhetorical question, Exclamation, Command, Minor sentence?

2. How is the punctuation used to divide up the sentence?

- Colons, Semi-colons, Parenthesis 

3. Is there antithesis, climax, repetition, unusual word order?

NOTE- You will get no marks for just identifying these- You must 

explain how this adds to your understanding or to the effect the writer was 

trying to achieve!

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