How does Ishiguro present isolation in the last part of Never Let Me Go?

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1)    The balloons could represent the clones earlier on in life when they were children. Kathy’s worry that “a single balloon would sail off up into that cloudy sky” shows her fear of isolation as she might be left alone due to her close ones “completing”.

2)    The moment when Kathy and Tommy are outside the car and Ruth is inside emphasises Ruth’s increasing isolation from Tommy and Kathy, as they are not physically or mentally together, as they have drifted apart during the years. Ishiguro uses the motif of windows to show separation and isolation.

3)     The “beached boat” shows the clones isolation as they are also segregated from the society and so is the boat as it is situated in an isolated place. This links to the clones as they come from Hailsham, which is also situated in a desolated and remote place, hence mimicking their own situation.

4)    Madame explains to Kathy and Tommy why they were isolated from the real world. She explains that the “normals” wanted the clones “back in the shadows”. This shows how the society is selfish and does not care about the treatment of the clones. This is parallel to how we treat marginalised groups such as


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