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GCSE AQA Relationship Poem
2013…read more

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Pun ­ hunting for a man or hunting Reference to
for the emotions and feelings in a Solid, can't
man wartime and the
be touched,
reasoning why the
Repetition ­ fragile
man is in pain
emphatic of
He is a strong
person who will not
let his wife see his Metaphor-
true inner-self emphasis on
and physical
He is
and unresponsive Marriage vows ­
they still love each
Repetition ­ she As if he has
other intensely, but
has finally found
his pain is shrivelled up
him? He has
He isn't going distancing them and no longer
anywhere- he is died? -
not progressing Emphatic of ambiguous responsive
in any direction his fragility
because the and
`rudder' has tenderness
been fractured ­
a boat can not
go anywhere Widening the
baby, small, the stat
to a new life for
both of them…read more

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Pun ­ an Metaphor ­ love
hour or begs on time for time
`our' more time
Metaphor ­ you can not
Simile ­ the
buy love ­ real love is
hour spent
forever and all
together is
enlightening, Typically romantic ­
they both gain break norms, to
from it suggest that this
Makes people happy, relationship is
more expressive and different from any
cheerful, but they others
already feel this way ­ Exaggeration of time ­
they don't need wine feels like thousands of
to make their seconds: time flies when
relationships better ­ you're having fun
their love is pure and
ever-lasting mythical king whose touch turned things to gold ­
their love and relationship is like that of a fairy-tale,
Simile ­ comparing where they will live happily ever after
hair to treasure ­
highly valued and Their relationship is highly valued and
unbreakable, relates to the coin
everybody wants it
Shining- light reference
Juxtaposition - dark and shining
Highly valued ­
treasure ­ everybody Candle ­ dimming and nearing the end of their hour
wants a piece
Sets the scene
light ­ chandelier = grand
Metaphorical ­ time hating love,
love does not have enough time ­
Short sentence links to first line
length ­ emphatic
of the short time Links to the mythical story
they have `Rumpelstiltskin'…read more

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Romantic city Weak, only recently came out
of a long term relationship.
Straight to the point ­ blunt Downed ­ desperate to be
and ironic because they are in cheered up
Paris ­ a city of love
Not physically harmed ­ emotional pain
No-where to go ­ Paris is a
In the present, thinking about the
form of escapism, but once
good side to life or trying to avert
they finish the holiday
his thoughts about the past, but
abroad, he will have
quickly gives up and sympathises for
nowhere to go ­ possibly
gave up his house?
Made up word ­ not with it ­
flow of emotions that can't be
Deep down controlled and doesn't care
Emotive lang ­
care and about life anymore or what
emotional pain and
awareness of people think of him
conflict between
the person
lovers Famous art museum in Paris
they are with
Famous street in Paris
Only now confesses ­ Doesn't know
no response conveys what to do ­ Repetition ­ annoyance, irritability,
shock, surprise or guilt awkward situation, emotional pain, upset, anger
from the person he is unfamiliarity Sibilance ­ sinister and angry effect
Old ­ passing of time, how he is trying to
Repetition - reinforces the pass the time whilst in Paris
effect that he is fed up and Unfamiliar with the person
annoyed about how life is he is with - monotone,
treating him boredom hints sarcasm or
un-enthusiasm as to
Not actually talking about
wanting to know what
Paris...talking about what is in
they are like
his view ­ boredom and fed up
with life - uninterested
`I'm in Paris with' creates the
Addresses his companion, but no answer
idea that he is romantic and
creates the idea that they are also fed up
enjoying the physical, sexual side
and want to leave
to the relationship…read more

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Hips ­ anger, annoyed ­
imagine her standing with
Simile ­ compares her arms on her hips, as if
technology to guns she is telling off a child for
­ cyber bullying doing something naughty
Metaphor ­ their voice being a Enjambment - emphatic of
pellet suggests that it is powerful her loneliness and isolation
and used for impact ­ words from possibly the world
speak louder than actions ­ Mental/physical? around her ­ wild west set in
opposite to the common phrase deserted places
`actions speak louder than words' Metaphor ­ her
Mental punishment ­ tongue is like a bullet
emotional pain ­ the tone or gun ­ she can be
being the answering machine ­ just as powerful as
she is scared to answer it? her lover is
Focusing a point to hurt or Enjambment ­ emphasis on
damage ­ creating ideas for `through the heart' ­ verbal
how to pick at her and abuse that has hit her hard
punish her and made her think about
possibly the way she treated
Sarcasm, questioning ­ doesn't him or her behaviour
believe that his is what true love
should be like ­ expects more Enjambment ­ emphasis on the
from love concealment, as if it is
Western imagery concealed by the next stanza
Short sentence ­ emphatic of
As if she has been physically hurt her shock, surprise, concern,
emotional pain
Saved for the last shooting ­
more emphasis and greater
power ­ to finally kill Repetition ­ highlights the power, slow prolonged process of reading the
someone off texts, as everything slows down and her life grinds to a halt.…read more

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Natural imagery ­ romance is natural and
`if' suggests that they not forced, or the rose represents the
are not like the grass or sweet, innocent inside, yet the thorns and
a rose ­ it is not natural prickles on the outside - conflict
love, it is possibly
forced for a specific Suggestive euphemisms ­ only
reason wants the sexual side to the
relationship - seductive
Repetition ­ euphemism Enjambment ­ the person who the
through colloquial/slang narrator is talking to also `hangs' and
language - possibly suggests emphasises the length of the kiss/ don't
that it is a homosexual believe or rely on the words I am telling
relationship you - untruthful
Juxtaposition - fist and glove = man Love has ended? Love is not forever? They
and woman, or the fist is covered have had an argument that has had a big
with a glove to represent that impact on their relationship? Something in
there is an inner darkness of their relationship has changed that will
someone and what you see is not impact their lives forever?
what you get ­ don't judge a book Protection, care, necessity
by it's cover, iron and velvet = soft Sinister snake ­ relates to the Garden of
and hard, bad and good, dark-side Eden that is disrupted by a snake =
and light-side to a relationship something dramatic and sudden has
happened that has meant the couple are
different people
Like a snake charmer ­ maybe the
snake is the narrator? ­ they have New relationship, only recently met
changed? They are important in each the other'
They have turned over a new leaf and s life ­ doesn't function as well,
started a new life together ­ they are without
older and therefore more wise and
know what they want from a Possibly thinking of marrying?
relationship ­ they realise how much they
They want to end their lives together
need each other ­ a moth is
Juxtaposition ­ opposites dependant on a flame
suggest they are newly
changed people and not Spiritual ­ love and longing
what they used to be like…read more

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