notes on the themes 'otherness' and humanity in Never Let Me Go

Very detailed notes on certain themes in Never Let Me Go. fit the new AQA specification for English Literature (first examinations in 2017)

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Never Let Me Go ­ Kazuo Ishiguro ­ year 10

Part 1: Key Passages
Beginning of novel:
First impressions of Kathy are her thoughtfulness/ genuineness, immediately sharing her thoughts about
herself with the reader.
understanding of `donors' slowly starts to develop. At first, word is ambiguous but is soon revealed…

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tend to try our best to pretend that the bad things in our lives aren't there ­ however they never slip from
our mind
in this case Kathy's humanity is exemplified
+ many humans reading this will be able to relate with how Kathy is dealing with her emotions,

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Never Let Me Go differs from many other dystopian novels, as usually we would see the characters
rebel and try to seek freedom. However, the fact that they barely have anything to say on the subject
shows that these `clones' are a lot less humanlike than they come across at…


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