Hitler - Weak Dictator? - A2 Germany

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Hitler - Weak Dictator?

  • 'Hitler Myth' - built on fear
  • Ultimately weak in that he relied on albeit a very powerful propaganda machine run by Goebbels, to provide a facade, a myth
  • The idea that Hitler was an 'all powerful dictator' was from Nazi propaganda
  • Rosenthal - 'without Goebbels, there was no Hitler'
  • Hitler was too preoccupied with his self-image
  • Several powerful empires ran underneath Hitler
  • Structuralist emphasise the 'institutional anarchy' of the Nazi regime and of a 'leadership chaos'. They argue that Hitler was merely a puppet, a figurehead
  • Polycratic chaotic goverment - consequence of Hitler's inability to effectively direct government
  • There were no clear decision-making procedures, and often no clear lines of accountability
  • Structures were often duplicated and overlapping in their functions,


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