Efficiency of the Nazi State

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  • Efficiency of the state
    • Strong Dictator
      • Intentionalist view
      • Hitler Myth
    • Weak dictator
      • chaotic decision making
      • structualist view
      • Hitler was lazy
      • others initiated action
        • 1935 Nuremburg laws
        • 1938 Kristallnacht
        • Aktion T4 euthanasia policy
    • chaotic state
      • no clear decision making procedures
      • polycracy
      • state too chaotic for Hitler to be in control
    • Role of Hitler
      • took control in policy he was interested in
        • foreign policy
          • rejected T of V
          • developed expansionist plans
        • 1938 Anschluss
        • 1936 Four year plan
        • 1936 remilitarised rhineland
        • 1937 removed Blomberg and Fritsch
    • Working towards the Fuhrer
      • policy developed reflecting Hitler's wishes
      • why: potential career advancement
      • e.g Goebbels forming Kristallnacht  to win over Hitler
      • Why: Hitler Myth and belief he would save Germany
      • Why: Fuhrerprinzip- all power and authority rested with Hitler
    • 3rd Reich = a Darwinian Jungle
      • Hitler a dictator who did not have to dictate
      • strongest person or idea will and should prevail
      • chaotic and competitive state was best
    • cumulative radicalisation
      • State became more extreme after 1930s
      • State became dominated by **
      • radical and foreign policy become ever more extreme
      • absence of legal restraints
      • human life not considered valuable
      • working towards the Fuhrer
    • efficient state with an all-powerful ruler ?
      • Hitler not in control of all decision making in Germany
      • state had a polycratic and chaotic structure
      • Hitler did not control all aspects of policy
      • Hitler intervened directly in areas he considered important
      • others depended on Hitler's favour to advance in their careers


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