History: Medicine and Surgery (1500-1750 Renaissance)

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Renaissance (1500-1750)


  • God punishing wicked making them ill
  • King's touch to make people better


  • Vesalius was doctor. Self taught anatomy disproving Galen's work of jaw and permeable heart membrane. Wrote "Fabric of Human Body"
  • Pare was a barber surgeon. Replaced cauterising with ligatures and boiling oil with natural oils. Saved lives, but introduced infections. Wrote book "Works on Surgery"
  • Harvey was a doctor. Disproved Galen's idea of blood manufatured in liver and replaced with heart that pumped blood. Wrote "Motion of Heart"
  • Paracelus identified disease attacked body, rather than imbalance
  • Wiseman surgeon to King. Wrote books about surgery


  • Physicians qualified doctors, studying 14 years


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