History: Disease and Infection

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Prehistoric- if your spirit leaves your body or an evil one enters, you become ill. Medicine men would chant to get rid of spirits. Celts worshipped nature gods - water spirits. arthritis was common - from carrying heavy loads. many woman had pregnancy issues. gererally people had low mortatily and diet issues. Wise mother collected plants and herbs. Chickweed leaves was used on open sores. Charms were used to ward off any spirits

a) goddess sekmet(of war)caused and cured epidmecs. carried amules to ward of evil spirits.
b) blocked channels theory-illness if undigested food got blocked just like irrigation channels. Herbs/natural remedies were used. Honey, balm, myrrh.

A greek-
a) Asclepion-free and offered health surroundings e.g. gym/baths/athetic activs. Asclepius would come and visit you with Hygeia and Panacea if you make good offerings and sleep there,
b) Four Humour's theory-Hippocrates, blood/phlegm/yellow bile/black bile must be balanced to be healty. If there is too much off a particular humour, you became ill. If body could not naturally get rid of excessive humours doctors encouraged: blood letting, vomitting and emptying of the bowels. Physicians were for rich.

A Rome-
a) Salus - goddess of health.people turned to her…


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