History - Cold War - Warsaw Pact +


1. Warsaw Pact - 1955

  • The Warsaw Pact was formed in response to NATO.
  • It included countries; Russia, East Germany, Poland and Romania.
  • It was to unite Communist governments.
  • The Warsaw Pact hightened tensions between the USA and USSR. It meant that 2 huge groups would fight against eachother if a was broke out.
  • Intensified the Arms Race

2. Arms Race - 1945 -> 1961

  • 1945: USA tested 1st Atomic Bomb
  • 1949: USA spent $13.5b on weapons. USSR spent $13.4b on weapons. USSR tested an Atomic Bomb.
  • 1950: USA spent $14.5b on weapons. USSR spent $15.5b on weapons.
  • 1951: USA spent $33.1b on weapons. USSR spent $20.1b on weapons.
  • 1952: USA spent $47.8b on weapons. USSR spent $21.9b on weapons.
  • 1953: USA spent $49.6b on weapons. USSR spent $25.5b on weapons.
  • 1954: 1st March, USA tested the Hydrogen Bomb. It is equivalent to 15 million tonnes of TNT.
  • 1955: USA B52 bombers could've wiped out Moscow. Superpowers develpoing better bombs.
  • 1957: USSR launched Sputnik, a satellite which could orbit the Earth in 1 hour 30 minutes. USA saw this as a military threat.
  • 1958: USA increased spending on missiles by 20%. President Dwight Eisenhower founded NASA.
  • 1960:


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