Hans Selye GAS Model questions

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Hans Selye's GAS Model Questions

Select one assumption of the biological approach and explain how it relates to the GAS Model

One assumption from the biological approach that is also relevant to Selye's model is that behaviour can be explained in terms of hormones. Because one of the hormones that can affect your Behaviour is adrenaline. This is the same hormone which gets produced in the rats in the first stage (alarm reaction). This hormone helps prepare the rats to be ready to fight against the noxious agents.

Explain why the GAS Model is adaptive

The gas model is adaptive because our response to stress is general which has been adapted from our ancestors.

Explain each stage of the GAS Model

There are three stages to the GAS Model. The first stage is alarm reaction. This is where the stressor is recognised and a response is made to the alarm. The hypothalamus in the brain triggers the production of adrenaline from the adrenal glands. The adrenaline readies the rats for fight or flight.

Stage two is the resistance stage. This is when the stress continues and your body finds some way of coping. The body starts adapting to the demands of the environment but gradually resources are being depleted and where it seems the body is coping slowly…


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