hamleta- a2

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Hamlet- act2 :

Scene 1:

·      Polonius sends Reynaldo to Paris to give money to Laertes and check upon him to see if he’s drinking of quarrelling to people, but to do this he wants Reynaldo to tell stories about Laertes such as him drinking, being together with prostitutes and others to see if they would agree and reveal the truth or disagree. Here Polonius is presented as old-fashioned as we thought he trusted Laertes like he did in act 1 but he didn’t, this is because he has double-standards and expects perfectionism. 

·      Hamlet comes to speak to Ophelia but he comes looking scruffy e.g. shirt undone, dirty socks and not hat which could suggest he has gone mad after his encounter with the ghost or he could be pretending his madness purposefully so Claudius would see him as mad and reveal the truth.

·      Hamlet grabs Ophelia’s arm and just stares at her without saying anything 

·      Polonius thinks that hamlets behaviour is like this because he is deeply in love with Ophelia, Polonius told Ophelia to ignore hamlet and to not meet him which she did follow. Due to all of this Polonius wants to go to Claudius to tell him about hamlet so he can be told what to do by doing this he would be pleasing him. However this could show him as a follower as rather than staying by his daughter and questioning on her if she’s fine, he decides to go and tell Claudius. 

·      Polonius regrets telling Ophelia to stop allowing him to see her and send letters then blames it on him being old.

Scene 2:

·      Hamlets childhood friends ROSENCRANTZ and GUILDENSTERN arrive

·      Claudius suggests that they might be aware of hamlet going crazy as its spreading around 

·      Claudius wants them to spend time with hamlet and see what’s bothering him as he suggests that they know his behaviour well- sending spies after hamlet shows that he’s reflecting Polonius’ behaviour

·      Polonius mentions the ambassadors “joyfully returned” as they have stopped young Fortinbras from being a threat 

·      Polonius describes hamlets state as “lunacy”

·      Claudius refers to hamlets state as “transformation”

·       Voltemand tells Claudius about Norway’s king sending out messengers to stop his nephew war preparations as young Fortinbras promised his uncle he wouldn’t attack, the king was so happy that he gave an income of 3 thousand crowns and permission to lead his soldiers into Poland, now Fortinbras is asking in his letter if his troops can pass through Denmark’s kingdom on their way to Poland – this all makes Claudius happy 

·      Polonius uses diplomacy to stop the threat of Norway 

·      Gertrude is aware “it is no other but the main” suggesting she’s aware it her father’s death and her sudden marriage 


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