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o Carry nervous impulses o Cell body is not in the CNS ­ o Cell body is in the CNS ­ in the
outside spinal cord
o Have a cell body
o Axon are short o Myelin sheath acts as an insulator
o Have dendrons for the axon to stop impulses
o Dendrons pick up nerve impulses moving between neurons
o Have dendrites ­ to receive from the receptors
nervous impulses o Dendrons come off the cell body
o Axon terminations pass on
o Have axons impulses to the CNS o Have many dendrons
o Have a myelin sheath o One long Dendron to receive the o Nerve impulses travel away from
nerve impulses the cell body
o Have axon terminations/terminals
o Cell body is in the centre of the o Cell body is at the end of the cell
o Have cytoplasm cell on a side branch
o Pick up the nervous impulses from
o Have a cell membrane o Pick up nerve impulses from the the CNS to the effector
sensory receptor
o Have a neucleus

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