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Man and the environment
See carbon cycle handout

Fish Farming
Selected fish breed must:
- Be able to complete its lifecycle in captivity
- Be non-susceptible to disease
- Have a high conversion ratio (food flesh)

How does it work?
- Fish are kept in nets to keep natural predators…

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- Methane: produced when microbes ferment larger organic molecules to release energy (e.g.
Decomposers in landfill sites, microbes which ferment in the rumen of ruminants such as cattle,
fermentation of rice in paddy fields)
- Carbon monoxide: produced from incomplete combustion (e.g. When petrol and diesel burned in a

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Polytunnels Greenhouses

Protect plants from severe weather + optimum conditions (e.g. Temperature for plant enzymes
altered by heaters or a/c) for plants can be created

Completely sealed plants protected from insect infestations + biological control can be used

Raised and sealed beds can be built using fresh soil (can prevent…

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Controlling pests
- Pest: organism that reduces crop/stock animal yield, thus causing economical damage to farmer
- Controlled by biological (to reduce numbers with another organism) or chemical (to kill all of them)
- Herbicides are to kill plants competing with desired plant (a.k.a. Weeds which also need light,…


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