Greek Medicine (1500BC - 500BC)

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Supernatural Beliefs and Treatments

  • Temples were called Asclepions and people went there to stay when they felt ill.
  • In the Asclepions people would bath and relax, pray to Asclepious and sleep in a Abaton. An Abaton was a building with a roof but no walls. The Greeks believed that while they were sleeping a god would come to them in a dream and cure them.
  • Priests also did rounds, performing rituals which involved placing snakes on the patients.
  • Success stories were recorded in inscriptions on the walls of the Asclepions.
  • Asclepios' daughters, Hygeia and Panacea, were also involved in healing

Natural Beliefs and Treatments 

  • Hippocrates was one of the first people to look scientific reasons for diseases and their treatments. He is acknowledged as the father of modern medicine.
  • The Hippocratic Oath is a promise made by doctors to obey rules of behaviour in their professional lives. Doctors still make the Hippocratic Oath today.
  • Hippocrates wrote many books called, the Hippocratic Corpus, which would become the basis of medical understanding for the next 1000 years.
  • Hippocrates also came up with the clinical method of observation which doctors


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