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I made this timeline for the "Medicine Through Time" course. I have done timelines for all dates, i have only uploaded the ones that i can read the writing, the more on the timeline the smaller the writing (beccuase of the application i made it on), if you want me to upload others just comment and message me. I have uploaded 1800s, 1900s, Ancient era and the Renaissance, i will upload others if i get requests. Hope it helps you guys.

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Egyptian Civilization
3000­30 BC
460 BC
- Also known as the "Father of Medicine".
- He wrote some of a collection of medical texts called the
"Hippocratic Corpus"
- He is believed to have written the "Hippocratic Oath"
384­322 BC
Developed the idea of the 4 humours, he linked the
humours with the seasons and the elements.
- Blood, Spring, Air
- Phlegm, Winter, Water
- Yellow Bile, Summer, Fire
- Black Bile, Autumn, Earth
Imhotep Roman Empire
2630 BC
200 BC ­ 400 AD
Imhotep, he was Pharaoh Zoser's doctor in 2630 BC.
He was made into the god of healing.
129­199 AD
Doctors in the Egyptian age were well respected. Galen, improved the theory of the 4 humours, by also
making the theory that the 4 humours could be balanced
His dates of birth and death are unknown. by opposites.
Greek Civilization - Galen had wrote over 100 medical texts
1600­50 BC - Was doctor to the emperor's son
Developments in Medicine Timeline
3000 BC 2500 BC 2000 BC 1500 BC 1000 BC 500 BC 1 AD 500 AD



A well presented and comprehensive timeline for the ancient period.


This is great :)

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