Dates for medicine through time

Just a list of dates I put together. Thought it might be of somne help:)

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Medicine Dates

3500 ­ 500 BC ca. EGYPTIAN EMPIRE from union to collapse
3000 BC ca. Writing development
1500 ­ 250 BC ca. GREEK EMPIRE from the spread of the Greeks
600 - BC ca. Asclepeia built
400 - BC ca. Cult of Asclepius popular

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1848 AD Public Health act following cholera outbreak encourages councils to
1852 AD Compulsory Vaccination
1853-56 AD Crimean War
1854 AD John Snow publishes his paper on the cause of cholera following
another cholera outbreak
1857 AD Queen Victoria publically praises chloroform after birth of 8th child
1858 AD…


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