God's Omniscience

  • 2 ways to speak of God's omniscience:
  • God knows everything, past present and future - fits with an eternal God. (Bible talks about God knowing people through and through (Psalm) and before birth (Jeremiah)
  • God's knowledge is limited either in that he only knows what is logically possible to know or that he chooses to limit his knowledge so humans can have free will.
  • Important to talk about how what we mean when we talk about God having knowledge. God is unlike humans in that he exists outside time and is non-physical so he does not experience and therefore does not acquire knowledge in the way we do - through experience of our senses. Aquinas argues that God can still have knowledge however as knowledge itself it non-physical.
  • If we consider an everlasting God, he can gain new knowledge as events occur. He knows what is logically possible to know so he cannot be expected…


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