God's Eternity vs Everlasting


God's Eternity vs Everlasting


  • God's eternity supports his omniscience in that he can know everything
  • supports omnipotence - he has the power to create and sustain creation
  • he is perfect
  • Everlasting God challenges his perfection - is he limited by time?
  • Also challenges omniscience - can he be called all knowing if he doesn't know the future as Wolterstorff suggests


  • Eternal god does not support on that is omnibenevolent and personal (cannot act in creation and respond to prayers etc.) seems to defy the God presented in the Bible
  • Everlasting God support an omnibenevolent and personal God - he can respond to prayers and be active in human lives.


The idea of an eternal God does not seem to comply with the traditional judaeo christian God as presented in the bible. An everlasting God solves these issues and makes explains God like the one in the Bible but raises questions about his perfection and omniscience etc. but everlasting God is probably the best solution.


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