Global Inequalities in Health


Global or International Inequalities in Health

The probability of premature death (death before 65) in sub-Saharan Africa is 4x that of Western European countries.

Life expectancy has actually gone DOWN in Africa with adults more likely to die earlier than they would in 1990.

Half a million women die each year of a consequence of childbirth, 99% of these in the 3rd world.

IMR – 479 per 100,000 births ion developing countries

27 in developed countries

Poverty and Mortality

The extremes of poverty

· 30,000 children die everyday of preventable diseases caused by




A great summary of the issues of inequalities with regards to health with some great statistics included.



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Interesting statistics! How are things going at the present time, where can I see the charts? What can we do to improve the situation in third world countries? I thank God that I have the opportunity to have social and medical benefits at the moment. My whole family is insured in medicarediscover, the children study in a free public school. But I want to help those who are less fortunate.



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Global inequalities in health refer to disparities in health outcomes and access to healthcare services between different countries or regions around the world. These inequalities can be observed in various aspects of health Cannab-FS 450, including life expectancy, infant mortality rates, disease prevalence, and access to essential healthcare services.