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AQA GCSE History Nazi Germany 1919-1945

Sample essay: "The Nazis failed to win the hearts and minds of the German people." How far do you agree?

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History Essay:
`The Nazis failed to win the hearts and minds of the German people'
How far do you agree?

It was the first of May 1945 and, in a last desperate attempt to hide himself Adolf Hitler had buried himself deep
underground in a bunker in Berlin. High above…

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`Mein Kampf' or even in his election speeches. Life had undoubtedly improved for the majority of Germans, the
economy was steadily being rebuilt and under Hitler's ideas of `The Volk (People's) Community' many felt a great
sense of belonging and unity that began to resurface old and long forgotten feelings…

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it was for most, to feared to act upon and that can be more easily understood when the case of Ludwig Schroer is
examined on page 90 in source 9 where he can be seen outside his confectionery shop. The caption underneath
Ludwig's photograph tell us,
`...[He] was arrested for…

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entire truth was hidden from the public as best as the Nazis could manage. Codewords were created to hide real
instructions for the Nazis plans for example `final solution' for extermination, `transfer' for deportation and even
`special treatment' for killing by gas. Another factor to consider is that people just…


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