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Seven Weeks' War - June/July 1866:

  • tension gradually built up between the two states
  • in addition to this, Prussia made a secret pact with both Napoleon III of France and Italy:
    - the meeting with Napoleon was at Biarritz, October 1865 settled that France would remain neutral in a possible war
    - Italy agreed to support Prussia in the upcoming war (settled April 1866)
  • also, Prussia made proposals to change the German constitution in their favour - putting the country in a dominating postion
  • Austria clearly disagreed with this, as it would reduce their influence overall
  • in April 1866, the Austria mobilised their troops because they were afraid of a possible surprise attack
  • this gave Prussia the excuse it needed to invade
  • Prussia mobilised their troops in May, responding to Austria's actions
  • Bismarck sent troops into Holstein, but to his dismay the Austrian's withdrew
  • to cause more problems, Bismarck decided to make reforms to the constitution:


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