German GCSE Reading Exam

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Firstly, let's not throw any marks away. If the question is in English, you must answer in English. If the question is in German, you must answer in German.

Don't leave any blank spaces. They will not get any marks!

Higher Level Reading consists of longer texts which look quite daunting. You will be asked to identify information, answer comprehension questions and sometimes draw your own conclusions from what you have read.

The key to success with foreign languages is building lots of vocabulary.

German English

Wann? When?

 Warum? Why?

Was? What?

 Was für? What kind of?

 Wer? Who?

Wie? How?

Wie viel? How much?

Wie viele? How many?

Wo? Where?

When working through exercises in class, have pencil in your hand to jot down the meaning of any new words.You should refer to, revise and refresh these lists regularly. When you have revised them twice or even three times, there is a good chance that you will remember them!

Practise lots


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