German GCSE Listening Exam

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Higher level

The recordings will be longer and will include more complex vocabulary. You will not always near the actual answer to the question. You may have to draw your own conclusion based on what you have heard.

The types of questions you may be asked will be quite varied and could include having to:

  1. tick a box to choose the correct answer
  2. write a letter or number in a box
  3. say if a statement is true or false
  4. give a short answer eg. a name or a time
  5. give a longer answer e.g. a sentence in the past tense
  6. complete a sentence
  7. draw conclusions based on what you have heard.

Revise lots and lots of vocabulary before the listening exam.
This is your armour and will give you confidence.

Make the most of your reading time beforehand. Use this time wisely and don't spend all your time trying to translate the first question. Make sure you make a mental note or




good little notes for prompting :)