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German listening... Edexcel
Well my exam is tomorrow and I am really
worried so I thought I'd make a PowerPoint to
calm down and hopefully help you.
So click on to find out more…read more

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You might not get full marks on
this exam but it doesn't matter
if you have revised then that
will be enough but if you are
panicking...go on the following
websites! (only if your school has subscribed)…read more

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Do you know your target grade?
How much you need to get your desired
Ask your teacher, they will help for sure.…read more

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Question words that could possibly come up in
the exam.
German English
Wann? When?
Warum? Why?
Was? What?
Was für? What kind of?
Wer? Who?
Wie? How?
Wie viel? How much?
Wie viele? How many?
Wo? Where?…read more

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Key tips!
· If the questions are in roman numerals: I, II, III etc. then the
listening section will be all together.
· However if the questions are in alphabet: a, b, c etc. then the
questions will be separate in the listening section-time per
· Check for your tenses, there will be definitely one question on
this so remember how to check for them, I will go over this later
in the PowerPoint
· Check for negative words, they will be a difference in getting the
question right and wrong, I will go over this later in the
· Look for certain ones that you can eliminate
· Check for false friends, words that may sound like a cognate but
are not- I will go over the common ones later in the PowerPoint
· Check for cognates
· For higher level, don't look for them to say the actual word let
them say words associated with this.…read more

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Type of questions
1. Tick a box to choose the correct answer pick
Pick the
How did Robert and Susan find the film? more
five right
boxes than five
If you
Cross it carefully!
Past tense know
Expensive? guess
Do they
mention a
Tone of voice
Good?…read more

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