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General Certificate of Secondary Education 2/3
Higher Tier
June 2011 4/5

German 46651H 8/9

Unit 1 Listening 10/11

Monday 20 June 2011 9.00 am to 9.45 am 12/13
approximately (including reading time)…

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Do not write
2 outside the

Answer all questions in English in the spaces provided.

1 Karl and his mother are talking about his success at school.

Example What grade did he get in his `Abitur' examination?

A Grade 1

B Grade 2

C Grade 3

Write the correct…

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Do not write
3 outside the

2 Julia has returned home and is talking to Richard.

What has she bought?


Write the correct letter in the box. (1 mark)

3 Verena is talking about the advantages and disadvantages of an Internet business.

A She works alone.…

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Do not write
4 outside the

4 Jürgen is out of work.

Describe his family's reaction.

A worried

B helpful

C impatient

D ashamed

Write the correct letter in the box.

4 (a) His children (1 mark)

4 (b) His wife (1 mark)

5 Peter and Elisabeth are discussing…

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Do not write
5 outside the

6 Martina is talking to Karl about the job she wants.

6 (i) What kind of job does Martina want?


Write the correct letter in the box. (1 mark)

6 (ii) What does Karl think of her idea?

A B…

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Do not write
6 outside the

7 Sebastian and his teacher are discussing the problem of alcohol.

7 (i) The teacher thinks Sebastian is ...

A old enough to drink.

B too young to make his own decisions.

C too stupid to make his own decisions.

Write the correct…

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Do not write
7 outside the

8 Thomas and Marianne are talking about their school friend Heike.

8 (i) What does Thomas say about Heike?

A She smokes too much.

B She has been excluded from school.

C She called him stupid.

Write the correct letter in the box.…

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Do not write
8 outside the

9 Three people are talking about environmental problems.

What are their opinions?

A "I am worried about the future."

B "I think scientists do not understand the problems of the future."

C "I am quite confident about the future."

D "I do not…

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Do not write
9 outside the

10 Sophie and Markus are getting ready to go on holiday.

10 (i) How are they travelling?

A Train

B Plane

C Car

Write the correct letter in the box. (1 mark)

10 (ii) Markus ...

A ... is looking forward to their…

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Do not write
10 outside the

11 Three people are talking about their experience at a dancing lesson.

11 (a) What did Thomas think about dancing?

A He will recommend it to his girlfriend.

B It was definitely not for him.

C He will try it again another night.…


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