Geography- Living Spaces case studies

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Hey, here are some notes on the case studies you need to learn for this topic, please comment and rate thankyou! :)

Singapore- Making a living space more sustainable

  • Singapore has conformed to the 'Green Mark' scheme by using solar panels, this reduces energy usage.
  • Water is recycled through the 'Newater' project. The water is treated and then re-used, this reduces the need to abstract more water.
  • Urban development has to be 'self-contained', offices, factories, shops and services have to be within walking distance of homes. This reduces the use of cars and improves air quality.
  • Public transport has been made better and congestion charges have been introduced. This reduces emissions and reduces SMOG.
  • Newly built homes have to have vegetation allotment on roofs, this means people don't have to go to shop for…


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