Geography - Extreme Environments - challenges in the desert and how they are used

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Challenges that the desert holds (Link things to desertification) 
- animals - looking after them, keeping them hydrated and hungary
- childbirth - they have no medical equipment
-injuries - hard to treat, they have no equipment again, infection is a worry
- water - big lack of water, having to dig for this, carry the water a long way, walking miles to find water, dehydration leading to no medical equipment to make them better etc.
- clothing - too warm in the day, leading the women to be too exposed, too cold at night very thin fabric.
- Human causes - desertification (look further down) Overgrazing of animals (also because of over population) has the same effect. More people means more animals to provide food, which means increasing pressure on the land.

How is the desert used by different people?
There are many tribes in the desert (such as the Afar, the bedouin and the Arabs) who use the desert as their home and to work in.
- The desert is also used by oil companys extracting for oil.
The paris-Dakar rally is one of the worlds most tough off roading events. People use the deserts for these reasons.

Oil - Beneath the desert there is layers of rock. Slowly the oil and gas rose throught the porous rock and can not rise any more. This causes the rock to crack. This is the formation they look for when digging for oil and gas.

Solar Energy - They have put the worlds dirst solar panels in the sahara desert. It is renewable, they take up the blistering heat in the sahara and turn it…


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