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Figure 2, because it explains that the desert is an extreme environment as it is isolated and barren.
Also, the fact that it says "we are lost" shows that it's hard for navigation and easy to get lost in such
a huge landscape. Furthermore, the fire blisters illustrate that the desert is extremely hot and it says
that there is no oasis which indicate that the desert has a lack of water which means it's difficult for
survival as it says "hearses" which means its life threatening. Finally, it also says "nights of ice" which
shows that there are diurnal changes in the desert as it is cold at night.

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I have chosen a rock pedestal, also known as a mushroom rock. Firstly, this rock is formed by
abrasion by wind erosion. As the sand particles are being deflated by the wind, it is brushing away
and scraping the rock causing it to erode. The upper part of the rock is more resistant to erosion and
weathering as less sand is being transported by the wind to the top of the rock.…read more

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To describe how mountains are portrayed through the media such as films, poems, books and art and
why it has been.
Mountains are mainly portrayed through the media because they are exciting and dangerous which
makes the film/book or whatever it is being discussed in interesting and a good seller as it has a
flexible story line. This danger can be described well in books through descriptive language.
For artists the setting of the mountains is untouched therefore easy for them to paint.…read more

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Has an extensive root system therefore can soak up a lot of water after a heavy rainfall.
Has a thick waxy skin to reduce water loss.
Has a white upper surface which reflects the sun's rays.
Have spikes to protect the plant from other animals.
Plants in general
In the desert some plants do not have leaves. Instead they are replaced with spines or needles. These
spines do three things:
Firstly they deter predators.…read more

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Human causes - desertification (look further down) Overgrazing of animals (also because of
overpopulation) has the same effect. More people mean more animals to provide food, which means
increasing pressure on the land.
How is the desert used by different people?
There are many tribes in the desert (such as the Afar, the Bedouin and the Arabs) who use the desert
as their home and to work in.
- The desert is also used by oil companies extracting for oil.…read more

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Also due to the population increase more wood is being cut for fuel. The trees and shrubs are used to
bind the soil together so deforestation is also causing desertification.
However, how can deserts be managed sustainably?
Deserts may be managed sustainably and prevent loss of life in the deserts for
several reasons.…read more


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