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Figure 2, because it explains that the desert is an extreme environment as it is isolated and barren.
Also, the fact that it says "we are lost" shows that it's hard for navigation and easy to get lost in such
a huge landscape. Furthermore, the fire blisters illustrate that the…

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I have chosen a rock pedestal, also known as a mushroom rock. Firstly, this rock is formed by
abrasion by wind erosion. As the sand particles are being deflated by the wind, it is brushing away
and scraping the rock causing it to erode. The upper part of the rock…

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To describe how mountains are portrayed through the media such as films, poems, books and art and
why it has been.

Mountains are mainly portrayed through the media because they are exciting and dangerous which
makes the film/book or whatever it is being discussed in interesting and a good seller…

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Has an extensive root system therefore can soak up a lot of water after a heavy rainfall.
Has a thick waxy skin to reduce water loss.
Has a white upper surface which reflects the sun's rays.
Have spikes to protect the plant from other animals.

Plants in general

In the…

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- childbirth - they have no medical equipment
-injuries - hard to treat, they have no equipment again, infection is a worry
- water - big lack of water, having to dig for this, carry the water a long way, walking miles to find
water, dehydration leading to no medical…

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now they use it more frequently which weakens the soil structure leaving it more vulnerable to wind
and water erosion.
Also due to the population increase more wood is being cut for fuel. The trees and shrubs are used to
bind the soil together so deforestation is also causing desertification.…


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