Geography Assessment

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To what extent do HICs cope better with natural disasters than LICs?


  • Tropical storms can devistate countries, cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes have caused cities to be rebuit and left others in ruins unable to be rebuilt.
  • HICs such as the USA, New Zealand and China are much better at dealing with these disasters, LICs such as Kenya, Haiti and Burma dont because of many reasons
  •  General impacts: loss of housing, sewage in the street ; cholera outbreaks, flooding, people buried in debris, left stranded.
  • In particular two similar earthquakes outline how HICs and LICs deal with these life-altering events.

Paragraph 1

  • New Zealand Earthquake
  • 22nd Feb 2011 12.51pm
  • Boundary between Australian and Pacific plates
  • 6.3 richter scale
  • 2,000 people injured
  • 10000 houses needed to be rebuilt
  • 12 doctors per 5000 people - better access to medical care
  • 95% of homes had electricity within 2 weeks made the impact better by quickly recovering and rise people out of the unexpected


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