Geo Tectonics EQ.1 Key idea 1.1

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Key idea 1.1

Tectonic Hazards can be classified as either seismic or volcanic.

Most earthquakes occur in the pacific ring of fire as well as 75% of active volcanoes are also found in the pacific ring of fire. Key terms:

  • Seismic - Relating to the movement of rocks within the earth's crust
  • Intra Plate - Occur in the middle of tectonic plates.

Plate Boundaries & Plate movements

Plate movements:

  • Divergent/constructive - where two plates move away from each other
  • Convergent/Destructive - where two plates are moving towards each other
  • Transform/Conservative - where two plates appear to slide alongside each other

Types of crust:

  • Continental - less dense, not subducted, oldest rocks on earth
  • Oceanic - more dense, but thinner, constantly being subducted and renewed through plate movement

Key terms:

  • Convection currents - circular motion and transfer of heat in the mantle as hotter, less dense magma rises, begins to cool and then falls as it becomes more dense.
  • Slab Pull - is the portion of motion of a tectonic plate that can be accounted for by its…


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