general properties of proteins


general properties of proteins 


  • amino acids are the monomers from which proteins are made.
  • - structure of amino acid 
  • the general structure of an amino acid is shown as above 
  • the twenty amino acids that are common in all organisms differ only in their r-group
  • a condensation reaction between two amino acids forms a peptide bond
  • condensation reaction
  • dipeptides are formed by the condensation of two amino acids 
  • polypeptides are formed by the condensation of many amino acids 
  • a functional protein may contain one or more polypeptides 
  • functional protein carry out a function in the body ( antibodies) where structural proteins produce structure (bones and muscles )

protein structure 

  • primary structure - sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide chain
  • secondary structure- alpha helix is a coil and beta pleated sheets (folds)
  • this occurs where 2 or more parts of the chain run parallel to each other and form hydrogen bonds 
  • the sequence of amino acids determine the alpha helix or beta pleated sheet 


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