General Properties of Proteins

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  • General Properties of Proteins
    • Stucture
      • 20 amino acids common in all organisms
        • Only differ in R groups
      • Amine group
      • Side chain (R group)
      • Carboxyl group
      • Amino acids are the monomers from which proteins are made
    • Biuret Test
      • Detects peptide bonds
      • Add sodium hydroxide solution to the sample
        • Add very dilute copper (II) sulphate solution and mix
          • Protein- purple colour change
          • No protein- remains blue
    • Condensation reaction
      • Forms a peptide bond
        • Polypeptide
          • Many amino acids
          • Functional proteins may contain one or more
        • Dipeptide
          • Two amino acids
    • Primary structure
      • Secondary
        • Tertiary
          • Quaternary
  • Tertiary
    • Quaternary


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