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  • Carbohydrates are stored in the muscles and the liver as glycogen, which is quickly converted into glucose and used to provide energy.
  • Complex carbohydrates (starch) - bananas, brown rice, wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, nuts and potatoes.
  • Simple carbohydrates (sugars) - fruit and vegetables, cakes, biscuits and chocolat
  • The energy needed to work and exercise should come from complex carbohydrates because they provide a slower and longer-lasting release of energy than simple carbohydrates, and can contribute to good long-term health.


  • Provide us with energy and, together with glycogen, help muscles to work.
  • Fats are found in butter, margarine and cooking oils. They can also be found in foods such as bacon, cheese, oily fish and nuts
  • The daily intake of fats to provide energy should be about 30% of the total diet.


  • Important to help build muscles and to repair damaged tissue.
  • Protein is also used to provide energy during extended periods of exercise such as marathon running, when all


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